Aknitica Has Moved!

Please come check out the up-to-date website at www.aknitica.com All my new posts and patterns are done over there, so if you’re subscribing here on the .wordpress blog, you’re missing ...


Kindle Cover, Sock-Yarn Blankie Style

I bought this gorgeous Regia Hand-Dye Effect yarn recently because I love ...

Knotty Baby Hat

This little cutie is available as a Ravelry download for $3 CAD. ...

Tulip Preemie Hat

Knit in the round on two size 2.25 mm circular needles (but ...

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Aknitica Has Moved!

Please come check out the up-to-date website at http://www.aknitica.com All my new posts and patterns are done over there, so if you’re subscribing here on the .wordpress blog, you’re missing out!  Honestly, I forgot that this old website was still visible to the public… I stopped paying for the URL to be forwarded, and now […]

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Why Should You Care About Preemies?

“Each year, preterm birth affects nearly 500,000 babies—that’s 1 of every 8 infants born in the United States. Preterm birth is the birth of an infant prior to 37 weeks gestation. It is the most frequent cause of infant death, the leading cause of long-term neurological disabilities in children, and costs the U.S. health care […]

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Charity Knitting: 1000 Hats for Cancer

I am so thankful for modern medicine.  I often forget that not everyone can receive it because it’s just too expensive.  There are families who can barely pay for life-saving cancer treatments for their kids, let alone the little extras, like hats to cover their little bald heads. This little cutie pie is my neighbour, […]

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Pattern Writing for the Uninitiated

Have you ever wondered what goes into writing a pattern?   Here is my process, mostly. Get inspired!  Pick up yarn and start knitting.  Maybe make sketches first, maybe not. Get really excited as things come together nicely, making notes as you go. OR, Get really frustrated and rip things out that just refuse to […]

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Cozy Fall, Cozy Knitting

There’s a chill in the air around here, and the leaves have been turning rusty shades of sun-kissed orange and red, and a switch has flipped in my brain.  I’m knitting cables. I picked up a gorgeous skein of Fleece Artist Blue-Faced Leicester Aran on sale at a local yarn shop in the summer.  It’s […]

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I’m Zazzle-y

Okay, so I did something that maybe only fellow knitters will understand. I made yarny phone cases.  I mean, if I had an iPhone, I’d want its case to have yarn on it.  Wouldn’t you?   (That particular case is for a Samsung Galaxy S3.  Isn’t it purty?) Zazzle gives its members the opportunity to […]

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Arm Warmers of Indecision

When I first started knitting, my mom rolled her eyes at me a lot because I was too stubborn to knit mittens from a pattern.  I wanted her to show me how to increase and decrease and let me figure it out myself.  After a bunch of horrible, disastrous, misshapen attempts, I made mittens.  I […]

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When I was a kid, I remember reading a short story called “Impunity Jane.” I don’t know why I always returned to that story; maybe it was because I was a typical girl who loved dolls, and Impunity Jane just happened to be a doll. But really, I think it was the word impunity that […]

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Stars in His Squishy Owl Eyes (And tips on stuffing your Owl)

I rather love my little Squish Owls. They’re small and fun to make, and, of course, extremely squishable. I recently knit up this little guy using some cotton yarn from Knit Picks (a combo of “Comfy” and “Shine Worsted,” I think, since I have both in a bunch of colours), and I think he’s very […]

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Yarn Obsession

Just call me The Compulsive Yarn Photographer.  That’s me.  Lately, I’ve been taking photos of all my new balls of yarn to store in my Ravelry Stash database.  I feel a little silly, but it kind of makes me happy. Plus, I just love its squishy self.  Yarn, I mean. Like this ball, which was […]

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