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When I was a kid, I remember reading a short story called “Impunity Jane.” I don’t know why I always returned to that story; maybe it was because I was a typical girl who loved dolls, and Impunity Jane just happened to be a doll. But really, I think it was the word impunity that […]

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Hand-Painted Preemie Hat

I love buying hand-painted yarn, but then I’m inevitably disappointed when I knit it up. The gorgeous, vibrant colours suddenly pool or stripe in weird ways that make the ugliest little hats. But when I use a textural stitch, like seed stitch, suddenly the yarn regains its charm and the hat becomes delightful! You can […]

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Zimmermania: I finally get it!

“Don’t place unlimited credence in us knitting-instruction-writers, or believe everything in print to be infallible. We do our best, but it may easily be that your best is better than ours. Don’t hesitate to improve on us.” Elizabeth Zimmermann

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